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    slow shutdown time
    Very recently my powerbook has been extremely slow to shut down. It gets to the blueish screen where the little circular timer icon spins and stays there for a considerable amount of time.
    It used to be extremely fast and all of a sudden its turned into the opposite. It started about a week ago and i cannot for the life of me remember what i installed since then.
    Does anyone have any idea's what may be causing it , or any solutions to speed it back up once again.

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    noone has any idea's?

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    sorry i dont know, but my ibook g4 takes a while to turn on and is very quick shutting down. i didnt install anything more. it just started.

    gd luck. try ringing a specialist or the apple phones.

    cheers :mac:

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    I'd check to see what programs are loading when you start up the PowerBook and stop the programs from loading that you never use--sounds like those programs are having to close before the computer can shut down.

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    Mysterious. If you don't already use an optimization utility like Onyx (free) or Cocktail (small cost), try downloading and running one of those. There's a slight possibility that it's a disk permissions/cache/blah blah blah issue.

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