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    Virtual PC Performance mods
    Does anyone know how to allocate more Mac resources to Virtual PC???

    I have 8gb of Ram in the G5, but VPC will only let me go as high as 512mb. Also the processor speed seems wayyyyy low.

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    Not much you can do, you wouldn't be able to allocate 8GB or even over 4GB to the PC emulated as it emulates a 32bit x86 processor, so 4GB RAM limit is imposed.

    As for the processor speed; well that is determined by the speed of the G5 processor, not necessarily Virtual PC, as there is a huge amount of translation occuring; which causes the slow down.

    The best thing I know of to speed up VPC is to disable networking support when not necessary, even to stick to Windows 98 if you can, or Windows 2000; XP was too sluggish to be usable on my PowerBook G4 but Windows 98 and 2000 were fine.


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    thats an idea, I'll try loading Win98 instead of home.

    I'd love to be able to allocate the 4gb of ram, even 2gb, but it wont let me go higher than 512mb... weird.

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    I'm not sure the exact reason why it limits you to 512MB but it could be to do with memory caching some emulators use to speed up, whereby selecting 512MB can use quite a lot more memory than that.

    Otherwise I am not sure of the exact reason for that limit.


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