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    Nov 19, 2003
    Thumbs up Finally made the BIG SWITCH
    Hello ALL! Man is it good to finally be here! I just bought the Powerbook G4 w/ the 1ghz and 512 (but RAM like Vanilla Stoli, the more the merrier!) and i put in another 512 chippy. Anyways, I am a PC tech (more like a GOD actually) who can fix almost any WINBLOWZ problem. I even build them for myself and for customers. Well, I had actually started out on an Apple GS II, but never could do much, and WINBLOWZ 3.1 was just coming out, so I started using that as a teachers aid in school. Well time went on, 3.1 became 95 (really, how can it be 95 when it was released in 96?!?!?!???) and then 98 ( i wont EVEN comment!), WinME (actually, my personal favorite because its so fast when its patched right!), and finally the FISHER PRICE incarnation of WINBLOWZ, WinXP. I mean honestly, who wants to use an OS that reminds them of those little half people you used to play with when you were 2 or 3 with the barn that moo'ed at you when you opened the door? And they had NO LEGS!!! FREAKS ONE AND ALL!!!

    But I digress. Anyways, I had grown bored with the way that WINBLOWZ looked and started getting into theming and skinning. Then i came across the website and was blown away. Just the look was amazing. Well I started thinking, and I'm always up for a good challenge so I decided to check out the Macs and see what they had to offer me. Well lo and behold, the MIGHTYNESS, the HOLINESS, and the out right SHEER FEEL GOODNESS of owning a Mac that Mac owners departed in their stories. Well, at about this time alot of the really malicious virii were making the rounds. SOBIG, KLEZ, yada yada yada. Im sure you boys dont even know the names, because honestly, WHO CARES? We're on Macs! Anyways, I was reading about the rock solid stability of the mac and seeing that they never got infected, i decided to take the plunge and do it big time.

    And here I am. I proudly own a Powerbook g4. I do everything on here that I could ever want to do, everything that i did on the wintel machine, except for one HUGE THING.

    I dont worry anymore! i dont worry about what will go wrong today, I dont have to worry and think about what i will have to fix today. I still own the winbloz machine, but its my wifes for now. I just use the mac, and I never have to worry about anything at all. I actually just have the JOY OF OWNERSHIP.

    So now...i take my mac to work. My boss knows that I am a pc GOD because I have mastered one, and I'm quickly on the way to a 2nd world domination! I do onsite tech work, and just about every call I break out the BIG DOG (the BIG DOG says SIT!!!!!) and people always are blown away by the beauty and lovliness that is the MAC. They always ask me what it is, and I can now proudly answer all the questions they have about the MAC and why they should switch.

    Well, i will be in here buggin you guys alot more. Thanks for the help and encouragement. For now I am off to master copying DVD's on my powerbook!

    The BIG DOG says **!BARK!** SIT!!!

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    congrats on the switch. i made the switch in july and love it.....just switched my cousin on friday

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    ah all this talk of people switching to the better platform makes me feel calm and soothed.
    even though i only switched 2 weeks ago, it feels good to know more and more people are

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    its nice to see after using macs all my life, that people still fall in love with their mac.

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    Question Ques 'bout switchin'
    Hey guys, I'll be going to college next yr and wanted to buy a laptop. i was thinking of getting a Dell Inspiron or something but I just wandered to the Apple website, yesterday. I really liked the Apple Powerbook G4 15''. I have used windows all my life (since the time i could read and write) and all the Microsoft programs such as word, excel, powerpoint, etc. I wanted to know that if these programs work on Mac's (if not then are there prog's that are close or real close to these windows prog's). And also is it easy to switch and get used to the mac's after windoes for a longtime. I don't wanna go to college and then be like s--t, I have no f---ing idea how to use this thing. Thanking you guys a little early for all the help.

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    I was a wintel user since 95 - my first was a win95. Switching was easy for me. Word from M$ is available, but I like Appleworks better you may wanna search the forums for keyboard shortcuts, try by member cause he posted a great diagram of the keyboard

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    Dude..ROCK ON!!! macs'll be extremely happy from now on...LOL

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    I just bumped my RAM up on my 17" 1.5ghz G4 pb. I got the extra 512 from crucial for about 105 or so. 1gb of RAM is awesome.

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