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Thread: Did a clean install of Tiger... No iPhoto or iMovie

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    Did a clean install of Tiger... No iPhoto or iMovie
    When I purchased my Powerbook G4, it had iMovie and iPhoto on it. I did a clean install of tiger, knowing that none of the software that came on my computer would be there.

    After I installed tiger, I put in my software restore cd, and it wouldn't let me restore any software. It says "Installation source suddenly not available".

    Is there any way to get my iPhoto and iMovie back? I used both on a daily basis.

    At least I backed up all my photos and movies I was working on.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you! - Jason

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    did you get an iLife CD with your Power Book?

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    It's strange that you can't restore the software...

    But what you can do is reinstalling everything from the discs that came with your PowerBook (including all the apps it came with), and then do an "archive and install" with Tiger. This will make a clean Tiger install, putting the previous system in a folder called "Previous System", which you can delete afterwards. It will keep all the apps that were installed, and also the users you created and their settings and data.

    It's a bit of work, unfortunately...

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    I figured it out. I used Pacifist to look inside the installation files and installed it that way. Easy as can be.

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