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    How do I update my Java?
    My java is outdated and everytime I go to "System Update" it says it doesn't need updated. Could it be they don't support the 10.5.8 version of mac anymore? Please help!!

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    This would appear to be the last/latest Java update for 10.5.8, dated June of last year. If you have that, then you're as up to date as you can be.
    Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 10

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    I would strongly recommend that you either disable Java entirely or upgrade to Snow Leopard (at least, if possible). While the latest malware threat (which employed a vulnerability in Java) has been fixed in recent systems, 10.5.x is too old (unless Oracle decides to put out a 10.5.x-compatible version on their own, which I doubt). The outdated Java you're running is still vulnerable, in short, and it would be best if you disabled it outright until you can upgrade.

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    The recent release of JDK 7 by Oracle for OS X is a 64-bit Intel build for Lion. I doubt that the runtime, when released as a separate product, will be any different.
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    So pretty much they stopped updating Java for Mac 10.5.8, great good game for java on my computer this is my dads computer and i asked him to update it and he said "No i'll loose all my files". So great. -.-

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    Does your dad have a backup harddrive? Does he back up his files at all? If not, he is in danger of losing all his files to a hard drive failure. Try to convince him that he needs a file backup strategy.

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