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    Unhappy Please Help: Trouble moving itunes library to external HD
    Hey guys, thanks for reading this. I'd be VERY grateful if anyone could help me with this

    Basically, I've been trying to move my itunes library from my internal drive, to my new external HD, by following the instructions found here:

    iTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Media folder

    However, once I have consolidated my library and itunes has successfully copied everything to the new location that I have designated as my itunes media folder, I keep hitting the same problem...

    With my new folder correctly assigned, I delete my old music folder (within the itunes media folder) on the internal drive, as instructed (to free up all that internal HD space), and suddenly, Itunes can no longer locate any of my music!

    This seems odd, because when I go back into the advanced preferences window in itunes, and view the media folder location, it corresponds with the new location on my external HD, that itunes has just copied all of my music to, so why is itunes still looking for it on the internal drive?!

    I hope this makes sense, and someone could be kind enough to help me with is, as it's becoming rather frustrating!

    Thanks for reading

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    Are you sure that the "copy" you made onto the external drive actually has the music and not just aliases?

    Did you copy the ENTIRE iTunes folder, not just the music part?

    Did you delete the ENTIRE iTunes folder on your original drive, not just the music part?

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    Hey Chas_M, this seems to have fixed the problem! Thank you very much, and sorry for not replying sooner- I've been on holiday!

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