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    Arrow long story..mac os x froze, and ...
    I took my imac to a repair shop. a trusted repair shop, but not apple. anyway the short version of the story is that my internal hard drive was not working...but the good news is that they were able to back it up anyway so i didn't loose my data. the problem is that evidently i am a "data hoarder" according to the they had to format a new internal drive, and i asked them to put all my data on a separate external hard drive, that now i know i will not loose the data. the problem is that when i went to open itunes, and have it find all my music files, about 20 minutes into it, i got an error that there is not enough room on the hard drive...the problem is that as itunes was grabbing all the files, i barley recognized them are music that i use to is the question
    should i uninstall itunes and then manually drag the music into it?
    oh and imovie-how do i get all the movies that i ahd back to imovie? i can not jsut drag them...
    help please

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    If you have that much in music and movies, keep them on an external drive rather than your Mac's internal disk. You don't have to move everything to the external but at the same time you don't want to fill up a new hard drive with music and movies. Also invest in another large external hard drive to use with Time Machine to make regular backups.

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