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    Apple's delivery questions
    Hi all,

    Im from UK and i ordered a mac mini and an ipod a week ago on saturday. It still hasnt arrived yet.

    How long does it take for delivery? Seems to be taking AGES!

    I cant make head nor tail of the apple tracking thing either. It says that it was Out for Delivery on 29th November at 6.00am, does that mean that it should be arriving soon? I ordered it on the 19th!.

    Any ideas?

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    Well, one thing to consider is that if your package is coming from the U.S., Thursday Nov. 24th was Thanksgiving, which is a U.S. Federal holiday and was therefore not a business day. Friday, Nov. 25th (day after Thanksgiving) is sometimes not a business day either, at the discretion of the business; it's not a Federal holiday, but many companies choose to skip it since all of their employees are out of town. This means that functionally speaking, since November 19th was a Saturday, you've only been waiting five or six U.S. business days for your package.

    I do agree that Apple's got a weird tracking system. It's possible that you had a package that was on a "subordinate" shipping schedule to something else. For example, when I order something FedEx 2nd Day Air, the package often arrives Next Day Air and then goes out for delivery on the first day just in case they get around to delivering it, but it almost always doesn't come until the second day when they are absolutely required to bring it. If you're in that situation, give it at least one more business day.

    In any case, there's no harm and asking Apple where it is. Although Apple sometimes has a long "hold" queue

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    Nov. 25 is Lincoln's birthday, so here in Indiana, State Employees and Local Government employees have is off.

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    Apple delivers from Ireland (as far as I know) and it takes a week or so. They do send out updates to your email, but a quick phone call doesn't hurt.

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