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    Question Using iPhone apps on an iMac

    How do I use iPhone apps on an iMac? I can see all my iPhone apps in iTunes but when i double click on them nothing happens. Am trying to access Instagram on my iMac. Is this possible?


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    No, it's not possible. iOS apps do not run in OSX
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    Ok, thanks. I have just switched from pc to a mac and not a lot of stuff is making sense. I had kind of assumed the iMac would be more intuitive than a pc but most of the time it just leaves me guessing. No wonder there is such an active forum here!

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    Change is always confusing. keep those questions coming. You'll be answering questions around here before you know it.

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    I've never tried it, but was under the impression that you COULD run them with the iOS simulator that comes in the dev kit straight from Apple. No?

    EDIT: This post got me curious, so I went ahead and registered as an Apple Dev (it's free) and am downloading Xcode and the iPhone SDK, which do contain an iOS simulator. It's a 4GB download, so I don't have it yet. Will see how it goes.
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    That's not really the same as running iOS applications as Mac applications, which is what the OP wanted. The iOS simulator is designed for testing iOS apps on a Mac – yes, you're running them, but not in the same way that a typical user would. Also it's impractical for everyone to register as an OS X developer.

    As for the Mac being "intuitive," it is – but if you're used to a different system, you will naturally have to adapt before understanding the intuitiveness. As you begin to understand the mentality behind Apple's design and OS philosophies, things will make a lot more sense to you, I promise. It's much like the mental shift you had to make when you learned to drive a car, when up to that point all you had been used to was riding a bike.

    It may someday be possible for users of a Mac to access iOS apps in a seamless virtual environment – but for the time being, Apple prefers to keep the two systems separate.

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