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    hey in the finder toolbar on the top of the screen I have got unwanted icons next to my time in the right top hand corner.. I want to get rid of some such as the airport button because I am not running airport i am running broadband cable.. how do i do remove it?

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    Hold the command-key (the one with the Apple logo), click on the Airport icon and drag it off the menubar. When you release the mousebutton, the icon will disappear with a little "woosh"-effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avalon
    the icon will disappear with a little "woosh"-effect.
    I always thought it was a puff of smoke.

    There is also the option of opening network in the system preferences, selecting airport form the pull down menu and unchecking show airport in the menubar box. Most icons can be removed from there preference pane. I only bring it up because its good to now your way around your system.

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