Hi folks,

I clicked on a link on Facebook the other day, and a little Safari notification window popped down as the link opened, informing me that a certain random website was asking for permission to access my computer for 24 hours. The information hadn't really sunk in until I was in mid-click over the "Allow" button. I held the mouse button down and moved the cursor over the "Cancel" button, but I doubt I got it in time.

If this is some unscrupulous website (it didn't seem very professional or mainstream), I'm concerned that the 24 hour thing might not even be real. If I were unscrupulous, I would just make an error message that said 24 hours, but I would make the permission last forever. So now I'm afraid to touch my computer. I kept using the internet for a few hours after that (stupid, probably), but without logging onto my bank website or doing any shopping. Still, I'm very concerned that a lot of my personal information might have become vulnerable because of one thoughtless click. What can I do? Is it enough to clear out my cookies? I turned off Airport and have borrowed another computer, but I need my Macbook Pro!

Many thanks for any help you can provide,