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    Secondary Display Too Bright

    I have a 2011 Macbook Pro and I am trying to show Powerpoint presentations on it through a plasma screen. It loads fine and is displayed on the screen but it is WAY too bright. It's like the visual signal is too strong. Brightness controls on the plasma screen don't resolve the issue and the screen on the Macbook is normal.

    I plugged in a PC laptop in to see if it made a difference and this was displayed perfectly so it seems the problem is that the Mac is outputting such a strong signal that the screen can't handle it.

    I have used a black Macbook in the past with no problem.

    Any help appreciated, sorry if there is already an existing thread about this, I didn't really know what to type in to search for.
    Many thanks.

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    Try the contrast (not the brightness) controls on the Plasma. If that doesn't work, check your TV's manual for pre-set (usually "Advanced") controls that will let you adjust for "Computer" input.

    A friend of mine's HDTV is the same way: Normal TV is at one setting, but plug in a computer and WOW is it bright. We eventually saved "presets" of each so we didn't have to recalibrate all the time.

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