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    Question Airport PPC
    I have a G4 (Gigabit) and I'm wondering if the modem slot can be used for a airport card or if i need to get a adapter

    I apologize I'm a N00B

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    All G4s, except the 700MHz and 800MHz eMac and some of the earliest towers, used the Airport Extreme card. The older eMac and towers used the original Airport card. Most portable G4 Macs came with the Airport card standard. If yours does not have an airport card, they can be easily found on eBay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ppcg4mac View Post
    I have a G4 (Gigabit) and I'm wondering if the modem slot can be used for a airport card or if i need to get a adapter
    You don't need to use the modem slot for an airport card...the Powermac G4 already has a a specifically designed airport card slot.

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