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Thread: Opening web page from an app...

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    Opening web page from an app...
    Hi !

    I was using Safari as a browser for the first couple of months I got my iBook but I didn't like the way it manages the bookmarks, which I use alot. Since I was a firefox user on linux and windows, I downloaded the mac version and deleted safari. Since then, everytime I try to open a web link from an application (let's say an About-This-App link that brings us to the product's website) VLC runs instead of firefox. I guess that's because OS X can't find safari so it runs another program.

    In windows I know there's a place where you can "bind" an application to a certain type of file, there is probably something similar in OS X but I can't find it. Anyone knows how I could fix this ?

    Thanks alot !

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    Um, you really shouldn't have deleted Safari. I'd recommend putting it back to fix the issues. Did you change the default browser in Safari's prefs before deleting it?
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    This one might work for you it allows you to set all the helper apps for certain procols.

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