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    Hello everyone: I am new and about to make the switch and was looking for some advise. The only Apple I have ever had was the old Apple II C if anyone remembers those? Anyway I am still going keep my PC because of work and for some online gaming but everything else is going to the G5. I do video editing and I take a lot of digital picture and edit them with Adobe Photo Shop for a hobby and I was really impress with Final Cut Pro and Photo Shop on the Mac. First question our Mac commands easy to learn what tutorials our available? I am in this for the long haul. After all the times I upgraded my computer I could have had three Macs. How Macs handle backups? Anyone I there that dose any editing how many monitors are you using one widescreen or two 17 to 19 inch monitors? I will connect the G5 to my router. Any other setup issues I need to know?

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    The commands are pretty easy to learn, you will pick them up faster than you think.

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    1. Look into GimpShop as a free alternative to Adobe PhotoShop, especially if you're only doing this as a hobbyist. It can be Googled.

    2. Yes, Mac commands are easy to learn. Many of them are identical to PC commands, except you replace the "Control" button with the Apple/Command button. Google for "Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts" and that should get you going.

    3. I don't know how others back up their Mac, but I back mine up this way: I have an external hard drive that's partitioned to make a disk image of my entire Mac so that I could load the whole thing, as-is, from disk if necessary (updated weekly) and I also have a separate partition that holds my important documents. Others use CD's or DVD's to do the same.

    4. If you're going to be a widescreen or multiple screen user, you might want to download this free application:

    5. If you're in this for the long haul, GET APPLECARE. Even if you intend to sell your Mac in a year or two and you don't care if it lasts three years or not, you'll get a better resell price for your Mac if it's been under AppleCare and has some time left under warranty to be transferred to the new user.

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    I knew virtually nothing, just tooled around on here for a month or so and looked at literally everything on the Apple Store website.

    Computing-wise, switching to mac in the spring was the best thing that ever happened to me!
    "Luck favors the prepared"

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