After Spending all my life with windows and self build systems, I decided to just jump over the mac after I got fed up of having problems with my pc every other month. I spend countless 's to replace fried motherboards, graphic cards etc (had a Q6600/4gb ddr2/GTX480) - 'twas my gaming/work pc. Anyway that died and left me stranded with my crappy 4 year old HP laptop for the past year. Got to a point recently where I couldn't even do coursework for my degree since it was so slow. Either way I was an avid fan of apple and owned several iPods and an iPad, and on windows I spent countless hours getting music on iTunes, organizing the tags, getting the right album art etc, So I thought the next logical step would be to just get right into the ecosystem and get a full blown 27" iMac. Coincidentally, just as I got to purchase my iMac, my dad's old PC died too. Thought I might as well get him on the apple bandwagon whilst I'm at it. After some time convincing him I managed to get him to get a baseline mac mini which is a great little thing.

The only experience I had with OSX was when I went abroad in '08 and the only PC available was a white 19" iMac with E6300 intel and ATI 1600, forgot what version of osx it was running.. tiger maybe? All I know is that I hated it with a passion. Maybe because I was trying to approach it with my windows mindset (wasn't used to not having fullscreen apps and a dock below). Taking this into consideration, I have to say I'm super impressed with OSX Lion and the mac experience in general. I love how minutes after I opened my first mac and booted it, I felt like I've been using the system for ages. Maybe my time with the iPad might have helped a bit. I'm not sure. Also very impressed with how little setup I've had to do to get it to work as fast as possible and built in apps are way ahead of those you get in windows.

Anyway Enough with that chitchat (I'm so happy about my purchase I just had to share it, all of my friends are windows/android users and trying to discuss this is like talking to a sponge). I've had a few niggles here and there:

1. Migration assistant:I've set it up on both iMac and my laptop. Whenever I load it up the iMac manages to find my windows PC, however on the windows side of things, it just keeps searching and nothing is found. Both are on wifi (don't have access to 2 ethernet cables in my room). What could be the problem?

2. SDXC Card: I've had this problem on both mac mini and iMac. I have a 16GB kingston SDXC which I use with my canon 550D. Now on my windows pc I just popped it out and put it in the card reader to transfer images. Since it's faster this way. I've been trying to do the same with the iMac however whenever I put it in the card reader, OSX says something about not being able to mount the card. When this happens even Windows and the camera won't read the card. I had to recover 14GB of images using zero assumption recovery on windows then reformatting the card. What can I do about this?

3.Multiple Calendars: I've set up iCal to sync with my google calendar through calDAV. Now On my gcal I have entries categorized (I'm a big fan of categorizing stuff) so that I essentially have multiple calendars as so: . Now, iCal has no problem downloading all the events from the calendars, however it puts them in 1 calendar, so I don't have color coded entries like I do on gCal. My iPad does multiple calendars perfectly through MS exchange, however it seems that exchange only works for mobile devices. Anything I could do about this? (I'm even open to 3rd party software for this)

4. Winebottler: I've downloaded wine and installed winebottler over it. I need to run Cisco packet tracer since I'm doing CCNA. Now cisco only offers windows and ubuntu versions. So I decided to download the windows version and install it through wine bottler. The app runs well, however No text comes up in the application:

5. ClamXAV & Cleanmymac: I already have these installed, however are they really any good? Clean my mac claims it has deleted over 16GB of stuff ever since I started using it. I remember using auslogics boost speed for my windows to keep it clean and fast. Although I had one or two moments where it messed up my registry and had to reformat the whole system (also didn't use any AV since I'm knowledgeable enough not to install callofduty.exe 1kb). Do I really need these 2 apps? I only got them because they were recommended by a couple of sites (namely lifehacker and cultofmac).

Either way sorry for my first long post. I would appreciate your replies