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    Hi everybody!

    I'm a BRAND NEW Mac user. Just got an iPod touch for the first time a year ago. Then an iPhone about 3 months ago. LOVE them both. Figured I'd get an iMac since my PC has been acting up.

    I don't know ANYTHING about this thing. My first question- I migrated all my stuff from my PC to my Mac. I did NOT do it during initial setup. When I DID do it, it created a second user. I would have no problem just using that user BUT I already bought and downloaded Microsoft Office for Mac on the OTHER user.

    I've had this thing in my posession for less than 24 hours and I already want to give up. I know they are superior to any other computer out there but I just need some help!!!

    I have a feeling this forum will by my new home!


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    Perhaps this link will help:

    It does say Snow Leopard, but I think it should be similar in Lion.

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    I would have no problem just using that user BUT I already bought and downloaded Microsoft Office for Mac on the OTHER user.
    It should have installed itself in the system wide Applications folder that any user can access. Open a new Finder window, click on Applications in the sidebar on the left and look if you can't find it as it should be there.
    If it is just drap and drop it to all the way to the bottom of the Dock (Bottom Screen by default), wait until the other apps side out of the way and let go, and use it

    And hang in there, it takes awhile to learn Mac OS but once you do it'll be easy!
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    Please see the other thread you started on the same topic. Avoid duplicate-posting, please.

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