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    New Mac User - 17" Display + Safari Keychain Queries
    I have recently purchased a customized PowerBook 17Ē with all of the extra supplements, collating to a whopping £2300, with an additional 30Ē Cinema Display. Uncanny as it may appear, Iíve relied on my girlfriendís G4 for the past few years, and despite working extensively with CAD related software applications as an Art/Fashion student, Iíve never brought it upon myself to own an Apple/PC myself, ever. So as you can imagine, having all of this gear is quite possibly one of the biggest highlights of my life, no kid.

    Iíve been experimenting with the OS and everything seems fairly straightforward, but I have two questions. Firstly, I do large batch image compressions that take 4-5 hours or more depending on the amount of Tiff files I deal with at once. Because of this I tend to leave it idle without placing it in Sleep Mode, for the obvious reason that it cannot be done in that setting, or so I assume from trying. Placing the contrast down will be fine right? (At this point Iím not using the 30Ē at all but the 17Ē), or is there another more blatant way to do this?

    Secondly whenever I use Safari it requests for a Key Gen that doesnít comply with my administratorís password. I type it in and it says it isnít correct and I honestly canít say where I might of typed another alterative at all. It isnít so much of a problem since all of my proposed tasks seem to work anyhow by simply clicking cancel, but I would like to sort it out completely, as avoiding it isnít necessarily ideal.



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    I have dealt with the first issue. I looked at the two available options in the ĎEnergy Saverí section and humorously realized that I can place the display to sleep only, not the hard drive. It is beyond me why I didnít look at it carefully enough.

    The second issue still remains, so if anyone can lend a hand, much appreciated.


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    that may be a permissions issue, if not I would trash the keychain preference and log out and log back in.

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    Thanks for replying and incidentally solving the issue as well.


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