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    Magnetic charger on MBP is <3
    I just got a 15" mbp for christmas and its amazing and for some reason I'm fascinated by the charger. Just thought i would share that lol and this section helped me a lot so far :]

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    Glad to hear that the forum is a good help. I know that it has been a vital place for me to get some info in a jam.

    The magsafe power connecter is one of those "obvious moments" where you wonder how the industry missed something so obvious for so long. Really quite cool.

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    Having seen people walk obliviously between my laptop and the wall charger several times I can only say how delighted I am that Apple came up with it. It's a small thing but it's made a HUGE HUGE difference in the number of repairs I used to see due to tripping over wires.

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