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    I am looking into owning some form of a mobile computer. Hands down it will be an Apple. But now the problem is: iPad or MacBook? I've looked into some of the differences, but I am still having an issue deciding. I understand the price difference is nice, but am I losing a lot by choosing the iPad over a MacBook? I already own a desktop computer, it is unfortunately a Windows run Compaq. Nothing special, just enough for what I need until I can upgrade to a Mac at a later time. I'm mostly looking for something that will be handy when I start up school again. I don't think I will need a lot of memory, just enough to store documents and maybe music if I even decide to put my music on to the iPad/MacBook. So basically my question comes down to: What are the real pros and cons between the two? And if the iPad would work, what memory is possibly the best for me to go with?

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    My humble opinion is...if someone doesn't have a Mac laptop computer...I would recommend getting the Mac laptop BEFORE an iPad. I see the iPad as a nice "augment" to a laptop...not a replacement.

    But...if you said that you ONLY need a laptop for e-mail & internet...then an iPad (for portability) addition to your desktop...might be a a good combination.

    - Nick
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    I was wondering that myself. I really wasn't a fan of the whole "tablet" phase until I started looking into it. I think in the end I really would prefer a laptop, but the price difference is unfortunately a big deal because of other costs. But, I worry that I may need the addition space with schooling, and plus it would be an ideal computer because I am NOT a fan of Windows. I'll just have to keep trying my options and see where I can end up. Thanks!

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    I have both and use both but as Nick pointed out the iPad is not a computer substitution and Jobs even pointed this out in his keynote it is an augment to.

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    Given that your computer is a Windows computer, I suggest getting the Macbook and give up the Windows world!

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    I have both an Ipad 2 and Imac and use both everyday .I think Ipads are good for work and entertainment but doing serious applications I would consider a desktop or Notebook over an Ipad.

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