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    Bali humidity problem? scrambled screen
    I am in Bali and the weather is particularlyn hot and humid. I woke up my mac this morning ( to start writing) and the screen is scrambled.

    could it be the humidity?

    If so what can I do to get it working again?

    it is a 9 month old macbook pro.Any advice gratefully accepted. I have another week here and will be a bit stumped without my mac

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    It COULD be the humidity (moisture in the computer). Your only real "solution" is to power it down, store it somewhere DRY for a while (buy a dehumidifier for the computer room if need be) and hope.

    It could, of course, be something else entirely.

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    The maximum operating temperature for your system is 35C, and it can handle up to 90% relative humidity. However, if the temperature changes overnight such that the humidity condenses on the computer, that could be a problem.

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    And keep a cheap bag of kitty litter around (look at the silica content) that will also suck the moisture out of the air.
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    High humidity (and hot) for extended periods of time...with problems...has been posted about before (but not often). So I would say that it is possible...but I guess hard to prove...other than referring to the official Apple operating environment specs.

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