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    quicktime problem. .AVI plays with no pic?
    in quicktime i have have some .AVI files that play with no pic, when they open they send me to the download components site for quicktime but i dunno what to download.

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    avi's dont play (literally, i guess) too well with quicktime...use vlc or download divx doctor II to convert them to another format.
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    if you upgrade to quictime pro you can play .avi's without a problem, but your talking 15, vlc is free though

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    You don't even necessarily need Pro, you just need the Codecs. Search and download the DivX and XVide codecs from and that should play most AVI movies.
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    What is vlc?

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    VLC media player.
    It's another alternative to play .avi
    quicktime 7 can't play .avi yet coz there's no codec available yet.

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    AVI is a wrapper for all types of movie files. It's not so much an AVI codec, but the video encoding codec that counts such as DivX, XviD, 3ivx, OggVorbis etc.

    The DivX codec for Quicktime for Tiger and QT7 is still currently in beta as the Fusion Beta 3 codec.

    VLC (VideoLAN Client) is very good though as well, that said, I kind of prefer to use Quicktime, as I have QT Pro 7 and it just has a slicker UI.


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