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    Hoping someone can help with this bit of strange! This morning I learnt that someone was piggybacking on my download and the service provider have sorted it so that is fine.However when I went to print something, because things had changed, I needed to change the wireless settings on the printer.But when I went to do so,I noticed that the tab asking for my password,me being the administrator,has now changed from English to some form of Chinese type script? Now the password works(took a few attempts) and the printer is working but this change of script/language has me baffled but a bit paranoid because it is a shock to find that someone,a neighbour I am told,is invading your privacy as it were? Does anyone know what might be going on with the language thing?

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    Several things to do:

    1. Change your method of wireless encryption to WPA2. Your "neighbors" are not going to be able to crack that easily or ever...

    2. Make sure your language settings have not changed. Open System Preferences, Language & Text, and see that all your language settings and local settings are for British English. (assuming that's your language of choice)

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    Thanks chscag.That is what the service provider did telling me that WPA was more secure.I have checked the language and text and it is English.I have taken a screen shot of the panel but can't get it in here.Don't know what language it is?? I mean it is not doing any harm that I know of and I can still make changes but still.....

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