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    iPhoto - Where are my files?!
    I'm hoping to import the contents of my iPhone using iPhoto - but I can't seem to figure out where photos in iPhoto are saved.


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    Have you actually imported them?

    They'll be saved, within finder, under Pictures/iPhoto library but as you haven't imported them yet, then they won't be there....

    Edit: Just thought I'd add, you can't actually see what's in that folder either - That's what iPhoto is for.
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    After you've imported them, you'll be able to view them in iPhoto, edit them and then export if necessary.

    You can see the contents of the iPhoto Library file by ctrl clicking and selecting "Show Package Contents". However, I would advise you not to go messing around in there, as you can seriously mess up iPhoto if you are not careful.

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    The trick (and the beauty) of iPhoto is that once the photos are stored in iPhoto, ANYTHING you might want to do to them, and I mean *anything*, is done from within the program.

    Let the computer do the file management. That's what you bought a computer to do. Your job is to a) learn the program and b) make sure you have good backups. Beyond that, you don't need to worry about how iPhoto handles things, because ANYTHING you might want to do to or with your photos is handled *within iPhoto.*

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    It was a little bit different for me when i started using my iMac, i was used to finding files in the My Computer shortcut on my dell lapop.. and then sending then where i wanted to send them.. once you import them to the mac.. they go to iPhoto by default i think.. and then you open iPhoto and there they are
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