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    First post from a newbie so, first things first, hi everyone!

    Had my MBP about a week now and I'm getting on well with it! What I am missing is (seemingly) the ability to open one image, and then use left and right keys to flick through images within the folder or album.

    What sort of apps would people recommend?

    I also want to find a way of making my pictures larger in a grid style format when browsing folders, so that as I scroll the folder when trying to upload photos, for example, to a Facebook album, I can select photos at random.

    As it stands, the only convenient way of browsing photos and selecting them at random is to click on each individual one. Normally, I'd be able to view 4 photos on my screen while browsing the folder and be able to see enough to know whether or not I wanted that photo selecting.

    Any help would be welcome - and thank you in advance

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    QuickLook is your friend here. Simply select a photo, push the space bar and move up and down in a folder to view pictures.
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    You don't use iPhoto then?

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