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    Organizing Files on mac
    So i have a problem, well not so much a problem as an annoyance. I just realized that the latest stuff i have been downloading, i have been saving the files and folders to my library folder. What concerns me is i am now noticing, that library folder is just the library folder, it isn't my Users-*User Name*-Library folder, just the iMacs library folder. I noticed this when i was placing some samples into my logic pro program, which was supposed to be under *user name*-library-application support-logic-exs samples. Problem was, there wasn't an exs folder. So i went to the iMac-Library-appliaction support-logic-exs samples, where it was located. The default location where i want this folder to be is under my *user name* library. Is this how your mac folders are setup? Do you keep most of your app folders and all that in your library, or your Users *user name* - library? Sorry for the wording of this question it probably isn't understandable. Do you have any advice on what i should do, or maybe an app i can buy that will organize everything? Because if i run into this problem again, well i don't want to. I want all of the files in one location either library or *user name* library. Which is a better idea? Any advice appreciated, thanks!

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    The Library is not meant to be a repository for your data, it generally stores information used by the operating system and installed applications.. You should be using, ~/Documents, ~/Downloads, etc.
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    Well yes i do but its program data, it basically makes the program run. Thing is i use a lot of music programs where i need to access them.

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