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    Western Digital Network drive prob.

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    Dec 12, 2011
    Western Digital Network drive prob.
    Having used a Windows machine since Win 3.11 I've recently taken the plunge and gone for a 27" imac, 4GB RAM i5 (..814) . Wow! what can I say?! One problem though........

    Previously, I've been storing all my photographs on a Western Digital myBookLive Network Drive plugged in to my router. No problems. Reads and writes tickety-boo. After initial problems with the mac 'seeing' this drive (had to change sockets on the router), I must now format the drive to enable me to write to it - I should add that all my photographs are now on the mac HD and are in my iphoto Library. What should I do to the drive?

    I've tried going in to 'Disk Utilities' but the dialogue refuses to see it, listing only the native HD and another external drive I have plugged in to one of the USB sockets.


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    Western Digital Network drive prob.

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    Dec 10, 2011
    Are you trying to format it over the network? If so try plugging it into your Mac USB ports and formatting it.

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    Western Digital Network drive prob.
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    Have you read this and updated. WD Product Update

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