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    removing songs from Macbook Air
    just got a new Macbook Air and i transfered all my info from my IMac. However i dont need my music on my MBA can i delete them on my air without screwing up my Imac or Iphone?

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    You can remove them from the MBA, but if you sync the iPhone to it the iPhone will no longer have that content. If you continue to sync the iPhone to your iMac, and the iMac still has all of those items, then there will be no issue. The iMac will not lose content if you choose to remove the content from the MBA. If you launch iTunes on your MBA after removing the content, you may be prompted to download your previous purchases (depending upon the preferences you have set on the iTunes application on the MBA). Regardless, you won't lose anything permanently by removing it from the MBA.
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    thanks that is what i was hoping to hear.

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    removing songs from Macbook Air
    Personally, I think iTunes and iCloud work to transfer music from iPhone to MacBook Air. Here is my way:
    1. on iPhone settings Mail, Contacts, Calenders - iCloud - music set to off
    2. on PC, downloaded and opened up iCloud panel.
    3. signed in with my Apple ID.
    4. chose to only upload Outlook music, calenders and tasks
    5. wait till everything is on the cloud
    6. on iPhone settings Mail, Contacts, Calenders - iCloud - contacts now set to on
    7. set calenders to on
    8, look in music and they are all there

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