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    Nov 19, 2011
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    2011 21.5" imac squeaking
    hey guys. im pretty sure the high pitch squeaking noise i get randomly is from a fan in my imac. it does it every 10 mins or so, squeaks 4/5 times then shuts up. apart from the slightly irritating noise (which i can live with) do you think there could be any underlying problems? i have no idea what a 'normal' istat read out is ment to look like. any help welcome.
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    Everything in that istat status looks normal to me. Maybe you have a faulty fan. I'd definitely take it in - since it's only likely to get worse over time. These things aren't really user serviceable - especially since yours is still under warranty.

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    And since there are three fans in an iMac, it's best to let the genius bar open it up and determine which one is making the noise.

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