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    Using msn or hotmail on Mac mail
    My new iMac will be arriving Thursday and was curious about hotmail/msn integrating with the macs mail application. I was considering downloading the free trail of Outlook 11' but didn't know if I should give the Mac mail a shot or if it's even possible.

    Any info would be helpful.

    Thank you!

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    1TB Serial ATA Drive
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    I'll reserve my comments on the worthiness of MSN/Hotmail and simply point out that yes, Mac Mail can be used as your email client for those services:

    HowTo: Setup Mail For An Hotmail Acount - YouTube

    (there are a LOT of people offering "instructional" videos on YouTube that should NEVER be allowed to pretend they know what they are doing or how to create instructional videos!!)

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    As shown, it can be set up.

    That said, there's no "integration." You simply get basic POP3/SMTP mail.

    Oddly, even Outlook 2011 has no native way to talk to Hotmail. Just like Mac Mail, it's simple POP3/SMTP.

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    Would your opinion to be not to even mess with Outlook?

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