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Thread: Data Backup Issues

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    Data Backup Issues
    I am fairly new to the Mac Platform in performing backups and want to know the best strategy for doing backups. I currently have a centralized hard drive at my home that stores all music, video and other important files. I then have a mac and three PC's that share this centralized file share.

    The files are a variety of file types ranging from Excel, Open Office, Word Documents, PDF's, as well as all types of itunes items such as music video and items within iPhoto.

    My plan is to use a portable 2 TB drive and perform a full backup every four weeks of this centralized share. The portable 2 TB drive is kept at a neighbors house so in case anything happens. My home is Networked with Cat 6 and I have a GB switch so moving files around the network is not an issue, but I want to know the best way to create backups of the centralized share using Mac OS. Should I use Disk utility? Will Time Machine work best for a centralized share?

    I would prefer to just copy and paste items until I get into a good routine then automate.. I am a hands on guy..

    Thank you for any information you can provide

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    Use the Time Machine it works great.

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    This will allow me to just back up the centralized data file storage and not the mac system itself.. Will time machine walk me through this?

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