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Thread: The Apple Addiction?

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    Nov 27, 2011
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    Talking The Apple Addiction?
    Ugh... I hate being that guy, but after a week with my MacBook Pro, I'm feeling this bug to have all Apple everything. I'm sure you'll all say, it's normal, but is it really designed to create that effect?

    I spent a few hours tonight really exploring iPhoto, importing images, and appreciating all it does. Sure, it's no Photoshop with editing ability, but for cropping and light touchups, it does the job. I was always good with iTunes, even when Windows was my default OS, so no surprises there. And I love iMovie -- always have.

    But here I am with a Blackberry phone and an Android tablet, and I can't help but feel like I need an iPhone (again) and an iPad, just to better enjoy the overall user experience. I think I want the ease of syncing between devices and having all my machinery speak the same language. Windows never gave me that opportunity.

    Tried syncing my BlackBerry through the Desktop Manager today, somehow lost all my calendar information, and part of me thinks that wouldn't have happened with an iPhone. Maybe I'm just trying to justify blowing more money on myself during the holidays.

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    Don't worry, it's normal.

    I started off with an iPad, then 6 months later I got an iPhone and a couple of months ago I got an iMac. And I've been trying to convince the missus to get a MacBook Air... It's a slippery slope!

    Congrats on your purchase, and welcome to the Forum!
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    Yes, it's normal and Yes - definitely designed to create that effect. Apple certainly wants it that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianLachoreVPI View Post
    Yes, it's normal and Yes - definitely designed to create that effect. Apple certainly wants it that way.
    Yeah, no doubt about it that any company wants their products to be addictive. But the reason Apple is so successful is because theirs actually work well and last a long time. That's what we all want: a product worth the premium price that doesn't give us stress and require tons of maintenance and lasts. What more could you ask for? ...ok, maybe lower prices but you can't have it all.
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    It's called the Halo effect and yes I'm addicted because it works and looks so good. I started with the 1st gen ipod nano and then got the Macbook 13'. Next was the ipod touch, ipad then iphone. Like BrainLachoreVPI said it's normal but only for Apple.

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    It happened to me too. iPhone 4 last year when it came out for Verizon around February or March, an iPad 2 in August, and now today my iMac is being delivered. I see a macbook air in my wife's future as well...Don't struggle, it's easier and more enjoyable when you don't.

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    Cognates on getting your new MBP, Apple products are addictive for me because of three main areas.

    1. There technology works, cross communication makes ones daily tasks very easy.
    2. They are a joy to use, as well as pleasing to the eye.
    3. Back up via Apple care or a visit to a GB, gives one confidence just incase ( YOU OWN A CAT)

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    Jul 01, 2011
    Yep, totally happened to me too.

    iPods, then iPad, then iPhone and typing this on my 27" iMac all networked together by my Airport Extreme.

    Hope to be able to have a Macbook Pro soon.

    But as the others have said, the only reason I've done this is because the stuff works. I would never drop this kind of money on gimmicks.

    This stuff works, works well and is a pleasure to work with. Makes certain parts of my life much easier and stress free.

    As we can afford it, all computers in this house will eventually be some sort of Mac.

    And yes, it's very addictive.

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    Very normal! But watch out cause your bank account will not appreciate your addiction!

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    Wow, so YOU'RE the guy who actually bought an Android tablet!

    Just messin' with ya ...

    I basically agree with the others, but to me it's all about the whole end-to-end thing. The App Store is awesome, which makes the iPhone awesome, which makes the Mac Awesome, which makes the Mac App Store awesome, which makes iCloud awesome (not necessarily in that order).

    I also like that Apple spends a lot of time *actually thinking* about how customers will want to use their products, and generally gearing their efforts to the end user as the most important part of their pipeline. Most companies think the shareholder is the most important part of their pipeline, or the stores or advertisers. Not Apple.

    They're not perfect, but the fact that they focus on US as the centre of their universe is sadly rare and a big part of why they do what they do and why people respond to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianLachoreVPI View Post
    Yes, it's normal and Yes - definitely designed to create that effect. Apple certainly wants it that way.
    It definitely has, and it started with the ipod for me, then the iphone, ipad and now a mac mini I'm in Apple heaven at the moment. Although I am not entirely new to macs, over the years in Uni, I would just sit and play around with the macs in the library while working on assignments, exploring the endless possibilities with the Apple OS.

    For me it's a mcuh more polished sophisticated machine then any Windows PC or laptops that I have currently. Everything works, just as its suppose to. Even if you don't know your way around fully yet, it invites you to explore deeper

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    Nov 16, 2011
    Picking up my first Mac computer in Sunday (iMac 27") and already started to convince my girlfriend she needs to replace her PC laptop with a Macbook Pro !!!
    If its any consolation I've turned into 'that guy' and I haven't even got the Mac yet !
    Looking forward to the benefits so many people extol in relation to Mac ownership.
    Bought the IMac for photography work (fed up of my PC either crashing or running really slow during Photoshop and Lightroom work).

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    Jul 05, 2007
    Western Australia
    I always believed Photoshop ran better on Macs then it did Windows. So I don't blame you for being one of your reasons to switching. I am having quite fun with Photoshop and Light room on the Mac (managed to get a hold of second hand copies locally) runs pretty well. Currently editing and re-touching some of vacations with Lightroom. Amazing program.

    Enjoy and welcome to the forums And to Macs

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    Same here. Started with the iPods, then iPhone, then MacBook Pro, and somewhere between then and now, I have a lot of Apple stuff! I like it...honestly. I don't want it to change. If something works well, I want to use everything they make.
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    I think thats a pretty common disease. I started with a Mini. Now we (family), have 2 IMacs, Mac Air,3 IPhones, a MacBook Pro and a Airport Extreme.

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