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Thread: unibody damage

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    unibody damage

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    Question unibody damage
    So my macbook pro fell off my couch and dented the front left corner and now as a result of the dent the surface of the unibody bubbled up a bit and it hits the screen when i close my computer. if i replace the body unibody will it void my 3 year warranty?

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    unibody damage
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    No, replacing the unibody at your cost will not void your warranty. You might want to take it on in to Apple and get an estimate from them of the cost before deciding to repair it.

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    unibody damage
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    It may, because the battery will have to come out and that is technically not a user replaceable part. It also has a security type sticker on it stating not to remove the battery.

    Like stated by chscag above, I would agree that a stop at Apple would be the best first step before undertaking this on your own.
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