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    How to move photos to external drive after download?
    How do I download photos an put them on external drive; MacBook Pro

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    [see below]

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    You need to clarify what you mean by "download photos" -- do you mean COPY (or TRANSFER) the photos from a camera or card to the computer? "Download" is a term usually reserved for transferring files from the internet to your computer.

    Anyway, if that is what you meant than you have multiple options: you can tell iPhoto you'd like to keep the library on an external drive and then continue to use iPhoto as normal. If you're not using iPhoto for some reason, you can use another application already on your Mac called Image Capture to a) transfer the photos onto your external drive wherever you'd like and b) change iPhoto's default behaviour, which is to attempt to import the photos automatically.

    PS. Learn how to do proper thread titles.

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