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    installing programs
    Alrighty I'm back with another question.

    I have downloaded Libre Office and a music notation program called MuseScore. I managed to get Libre Office to install by double-clicking on it from the stack. It now has its own icon in the dock and does not appear in the applications folder. I tried to drag and drop that icon into that folder but it wouldn't take. Should I care?

    Musescore opens a window when I double-click, but makes no move to install anything. When I double click on the icon in the window, it opens the applications folder, which doesn't have Musescore in it. Not sure at all what else to do to try to install this one. Any suggestions?


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    Nov 30, 2011
    Alright, duh. I figured out that for MuseScore, the little title WAS the icon, and that in its own window I had to drag and drop it in the applications folder icon. If I had done that with Libre Office, I guess it would have gone there, too. But I still want to know how to get Libre Office into that folder instead of having its own spot on the dock.

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    When you download applications that don't have an installer, you drag them to the Applications folder to "install" them. Opening them from the disk image doesn't install it. Rather, it simply executes it from the disk images.
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