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    Simple question
    I am running Lion on my iMac. The auto correct on Safari and Pages keeps correcting unusual words. I want to add some of them to my dictionary but cannot find out how either from the help pages or from iMac for Dummies. It must be quite simple but there does not seem to be any way from the menu bars. Any suggestions?

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    This link tells you how to edit the dictionary... Haven't tried it myself so don't know if it allows you to add words or not.

    How Do I Edit Or Remove Words From The User Dictionary In OS X Lion? | Apple Sliced
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    Thanks for the assist. I have found how to add words, Apple calls it "Learn", easy when you know how! Your assist allows the removal of miss-spelled words although it took a while to find the un-labled "option" key.

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    You misspelled "misspell."

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