This has to be the dumbest post ever, but...

I have an iPhone with an iTunes account and just bought an iMac, which must have created a second account somehow, and now I can't sync anything to the iMac because it says the iPhone is synced to another account.

Apparently the phone os version (iPhone 4G 4.3.3) is incompatible with some aspects of iTunes but can't be upgraded without destroying all of the dat on the phone. Honestly...

Any ideas, or just bring it all back to the store and beg for mercy (why didn't they take care of this during setup in the store I wonder)?



UPDATE: I would delete this post but don't see an option for that. After several more attempts selecting different options the contacts appeared along with my calender entrys. I'd really like to know what happened and why but for now I"m done (so much more to learn :-))