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    Transporting Discs in Macbook Superdrives
    Hey all,

    I have a quick question regarding the transportation of discs in the Apple laptop disc drive. I seem to remember being told at one point that discs should always be ejected before moving Mac laptops, as Apple uses thinner-than-usual superdrives that, while saving space, may allow discs to scratch the laser reader head if they are left in while the computer is moved. While I always try to eject discs before carrying my Macbook, for the sake of convenience, I have left discs in the drive on occasion and haven't experienced any resulting problems with the drive or the laser reader. However, that doesn't mean that the potential for problems doesn't exist. Of course, one could avoid the problem all together by making sure to eject discs from the drive before moving the computer, but I was hoping for your opinions on whether or not such precautions are really necessary. Thanks very much for your help!

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    Whether it's a Mac using a slot drive or a PC using a tray loading drive, disks should be ejected before transporting the machine. Why take a chance?

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