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    Picked up first ever Mac today
    Finally got my iMac today - 21.5" 2.7ghz - from my local Apple store. The staff there are first class, as I discovered when hassling them for information and demos on previous visits. They make those supposed experts at PC World seem like savages - had so many awful experiences with them, even to the point of being lied to in order to secure a sale. If I was Darth Vadar in that ridiculous advert I'd light sabre the lot of them.

    Anyway, they helped me set up my administrator account, Apple ID, iTunes, One to One and Gmail account. Apple Care is sorted too. Oh, all software updates were downloaded and installed also.

    All I've to do now is give the office a good clean and purchase a comfortable chair. Virgin are installing a superhub on Friday, just in time for my week off work.

    In the meantime I'll shoot some video off the built-in camera and have a good mess with iMovie.

    Thanks again all for helping me arrive at this choice of machine - it's perfect for my needs and I've saved over 700 by not purchasing an iMac that would have been overkill.

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    Congratulations and enjoy your new iMac!
    I've always wanted to be smart, handsome and modest. But, I guess I'll have to be satisfied with two out of three . . .

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