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    Switching Itunes Library from Mac to PC
    I don't mean to sound blasphemous here, but I'd like to switch my Mac Itunes library, app files, music and all, to my school issued PC. I'd like to make it my primary computer but I'm not sure how to go about this. My main issue is moving all my file from Mac to PC. I tried with an external hard drive but I couldn't used the drive on both computers at the same time. Can anyone locate or give me a run through on the best way to go?

    Also, I have an iPhone so I'd like to be able to back up mail accounts and contacts onto my PC.

    Thank you!

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    An external drive is the easiest way, and actually probably the only way if you have a lot of data.
    The issue is format of course. If you are using Snow Leopard or lower, then you can format the external to NTFS on the PC, and then download the free NTFS Mounter on the Mac to transfer files by drag and drop onto the external.
    As for the iPhone and syncing, that's difficult. You will have to start over with that really, you can't sync to more than one computer.
    I will leave that part to someone with an iPhone to help you with.
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