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    I have a AVI video file encoded in motion jpeg. QuickTime cannot playback. iMovie doesn't neither.

    In Windows, Media Player doesn't playback by default, but I can install K-Lite Codec to add the support of MJPG. Is there any way to make QuickTime and iMovie recognize the files?

    Windows uses something like DirectShow in media, how is the architecture in MacOS?

    Thanks for reading.

    PS. I know i can use MPlayerX to play MJPG, but i want to use iMovie to do editing.

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    Have you tried opening it in VLC? you can also change the file format to something that imovie will run.
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    If you have not already done so try adding Perian - The swiss-army knife of QuickTimeŽ components and Windows Media Components for QuickTime - by Flip4Mac. With these you'll be able to play most of the files you're interested in.

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