I've recently switched from a PC to a Macbook Pro and have had a little trouble getting my bookmarks from Firefox on the PC to Safari. I downloaded Firefox for Mac and got the Firefox bookmarks onto the MB using an external HD but when I try doing the same to get them into Safari all is a really old set of bookmarks from when I was still using IE6. Since I have all the current bookmarks on the MB (in Firefox) is there a way to migrate those over to Safari and replace all the old IE bookmarks?

Also, when Safari shows the bookmarks sidebar it also displays whatever sub-folder might be open on the bottom half of the screen and usually a blank top half of the screen instead of the page I was viewing. I'd like to have the sidebar on the left and have the sub-folder expand or collapse when I click on it the way FF does.......is this possible in Safari?

I'd like to give Safari a chance but these issues are pretty annoying so for the moment, FF is the default browser.