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Thread: Quickbooks on IMac

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    Quickbooks on IMac
    Hello All, new to the forum and Mac. I just purchased an IMac (2.7Ghz 21”) from Apple several days ago, and needless to say, very pleased with the machine. My ultimate goal is to eliminate all of the Win machines (2-PC’s 4-laptops) to Mac but the immediate goal is to migrate my wife’s business software, Quickbooks Premier, to the new Mac. Quickbooks does offer a Mac package but it doesn’t have the utilities available that the Premier version has. From what I’ve read; Parallels…VM Ware Fusion 4, will allow her to run QB on the new Mac but will that also require installing a Windows OS on the IMac? The Mac will only be running QB and no other Win applications. Thanks for any ideas, suggestions, and recommendations.

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    If you choose hosted QuickBooks (Windows version), then you can use it from any computer whether it is Windows or Mac. In the case of QuickBooks hosting, as the hosted software and data are on the host’s server and not on client’s computer, it does not matter whether client’s computer is Mac or Windows. Client can use any computer to access QuickBooks via the Internet. QuickBooks hosting service is economical and 24 by 7 supported. QuickBooks hosting service offers simultaneous access for multiple users.

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    There's also CrossOver, which focuses on running software such as QuickBooks on the Mac (Windows versions) WITHOUT the need to actually run Windows (uses WINE to "fool" the software into thinking its on Windows when it isn't). Costs about $40 or so?

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    I use fusion, windows 7 and quickbooks pro daily. It works well.

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