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    problem with my mac pro
    I have owned this laptop now for about a year and a half. lately it is beginning to develop a worsening problem. The curser is acting erratic and locking up for a few seconds and the occasions of these freezes are getting more frequent. Someone suggested It was a Trojan, however I was led to believe that would not happen with a Mac?? If this is a problem how do I get rid of it and or cure these freezes? My updates are automatic and I am updated on all but my printer softwear and I-tunes at the moment.

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    It sounds like something is running in the background that is eating up CPU cycles and RAM. It "could" be a trojan… there are a couple but they aren't particularly prevalent and usually masquerade as pirated software. You can scan for one with ClamXav to be sure.

    Barring that, there are a number of troubleshooting steps we can try to rule out a "simple" software problem. Try creating a new user and see if the problems persist when logged in to that user account (with all other users logged out). Also download Onyx and run its full suite of maintenance and cleaning tools. You should also try resetting the PRAM. Sometimes that helps fix some odd issues.

    When you reply back, please post your system specs, including the version of OS X you are running.

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