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Thread: External monitor and Macbook Pro

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    External monitor and Macbook Pro
    Hey everyone! I am having some trouble with my external monitor. So I have a 2011 MBP with lion, and I have an LED 19 inch tv. I am connecting them together with the Mini DP and HDMI cord. I can get everything set up just fine and have been playing around with either mirroring the displays or putting them side by side. I don't have an issue with how to set it up, because it is working just fine. My issue is with the monitor, because it cuts of a portion of the top and bottom whenever I mirror them. That means I can't see my dock or the menu bar up top. I have tried switching to all sorts of different resolutions and nothing seems to work. If anyone has an idea or answer I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

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    Displays preferences - I believe the option is going to be in the window for the external monitor - uncheck Overscan.

    Head here for a little more info - Post 2 - Item 2

    Depends somewhat on the TV/monitor - I've had TVs that I've had to live with it - and I've had TVs that do not have this issue from the exact same Mac.
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    Thanks for your fast reply! You could either go to display preferences on the mac and turn up the under scan bar(there is no option for overscan here) or you could go to the tv and turn overscan off. It worked, but now there is a second issue. The tv is completely full screen but my mac has two black bars on the top and bottom. This isn't such a huge deal, but it is a little irritating. Any ideas?

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    Any ideas?
    Your Mac's screen resolution, in height, is less that the TV's.

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