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    OK, so I am in Best Buy on Monday after deciding to get a new laptop, I'm thinking a nice expensive top of the line windows based pc, yet I am drawn to the shiny aluminium unibody pieces of kit in the corner. I walk over, see the new 2011 MacBook Pro 13" and find myself just asking for one from the sales rep, would you like advice sir? No. Would you like a comparison between PC and Mac sir? No. Just the cheque please.

    So, I get home to open the box of my shiny new "status" symbol, and straight away I am reminded of why I got the iPhone! Cool, functional and fits right into the 21st Century! Wow, am I impressed. Since buying I have done so much research on Macs and I love it. Everything works, and 5 days so far of no crashing and NO system issues whatsoever!

    So, in a nutshell, why am I here. Just looking for general Mac advice really from fellow owners, and i must admit, I have a feeling that I never had while being a PC user, I kind of (childishly admittedly) feel like I have been granted to a unique club which only 5% of the earth are part of!!

    Will I be returning my machine and switching to PC? Erm, No!!!

    Thanks for listening lol!


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    Welcome to the Forum and congratulations.
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    I Too am a proud new user and i can definitely relate to you, Thought i actually pull the trigger and spend almost $1700 fully loaded DELL and after only 2 days 8 hours of total time with tech support on the phone and nothing but problems i decided to return it only after 3 days and immediately went to apple and made the best decision i've made in quite a few years. having owned iPhones for 4 years and finally switching to Mac really felt like the right thing to do, it was like my long lost child i've been waiting for to find lol. Will never ever go back to a windows PC.
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