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Thread: Wireless printer Setup help pls

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    Wireless printer Setup help pls
    Hi everyone, I've searched forums and google and I'm still stumped on this one. I have a wireless Canon all-in-one printer that worked fine with my old Sony laptop. However I have made the move to a new macbook Pro (yes I love it) but I am having great difficulty getting my printer to work. I have downloaded the software from the CD that came with it and I can remotely control the all-in-one by getting it to scan. But I still can't print from it.

    If I go into the system preferences and then click on Print and Scan, I thought I would find it there, but no luck.

    Any help much appreciated, many thanks

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    Which model printer do you have?

    Did you click the + button in the Print and Scan preferences to see if it can be found/added?

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    I had similar issues with a Canon Pixma MP 980 and 990. I tried a number of things to fix this and its been a while but I think this worked.

    If Lifesabeach's suggestion does not work try connecting the printer to the Mac via USB and then installing the drivers for direct connection. Once that's done disconnect the printer and repeat the add a printer step in the preference pane.

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    In addition to what Sly told you, the Canon Network utilities should be downloaded and run. Canon doesn't tell you that specifically, but without running the network utility tools, setting up wireless can be a bear.

    Here are the utilities:

    Canon Network Scan

    Canon Network

    Get it working via USB first and then use the Network Scan to find your wireless network. Once it's found, the tool will setup wireless automatically. The only thing it will ask is for your permission and you may have to enter your password.

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