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    synchronizing two iMac, Lion
    I need to have two iMac with about 5 Gbyte synchronized data, mainly doc-files and pdf-files.
    I checket iCloud and iWork but it works only in browser and not in original programs like word, excel and photoshop.

    How do i synchronize my two Macs over two different networks (not over the same server and distance between a few miles)?

    Do I have to find my Macs over the net or can I find a solution with iCloud. MobileMe had a nice storage space that worked but seems to be phasing out.

    any quick help appreciated.

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    Dropbox will be a good solution for this - quick and easy. Just have your programs work off of folders you set up in dropbox. Dropbox Link Yes - that's my referral link but I need some more space and you get more free space by using a referral link as well.

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    Thanx for a quick answer and seemingly simple solution.
    I'll try it out.

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