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    Lightbulb I've got a Mac...whats next with Tidy Up download?
    What is really good lol!!?? Just got my first Macbook and eager to dive into it and figure this baby out. I know how these message boards work- especially for n00bs...sooo I will be honest and say I will try my best to search before asking questions that has probably been asked 100+ times already...but don't roast me if I do ok =) whats the difference between a i5 and i7... jk!

    But anyway I do have one question...wanted to know the quick in's and outs I should be aware of when moving over to a PC...especially with keeping my hard rive running smooth. Researched and downloaded something called "Tidy Up" to help me with duplicates I might have after the massive move of data from my PC to my Mac...anyone know about this software?...any recommendations on what else I can do to ensure my Mac stays in tip-top shape?

    Thanks again guys!

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    You might want to give this a read: Apple - Support - Switch 101

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    You might want to give the essay in my signature a read.

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    @MacDude preciate you man!! A lot of that info is helpful...most of my data has transferred over now. Missing some artwork for my iTunes albums so Im spending the weekend filling in the gaps that iTunes couldn't grab from the server on its own.

    @chas_m cool beans. Ill check it out. I'm getting the hang it though. Used Final Cut 4 back in college on a Macbook...was a **** of a learning curve but some of what I remember is helping me with the process now.

    It may have slipped, but do any of you have any recommendations on this download called "Tidy Up"?...its supposed to delete duplicate data entries...sure Ive copied the same photo albums 2 or 3 times and need to consolidate...just want to make sure its legit and/or the best for maintaining a clean hard drive...welcome to any suggestions!

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