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    How to take care of Macbook Pro 2011 Battery
    Hi! I just bought my first ever Apple laptop, the latest 13 inch Macbook Pro. And i've heard unlike the previous model, the battery for this one is not removable. Meaning of it gets broken, I need t have the body opened and so on...

    So how do I best take care/use the battery?

    I use my laptop at home most of the time. With my previous laptops, I just plug them while using it but someone advised me not to do this in Mac and that instead, I should use it unplugged and just plug it when the battery reaches 20%.

    Opinions? Tips? Ideas?

    thank you very much!

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    Nice purchase .

    The advice is reasonably sound correct, because leaving fully charged batteries for extended periods can be damaging and heat will also cause them to deteriorate so avoid using it on your knees without some sort of platform that can provide an airflow underneath it.

    You will actually get much more out of your battery if you recharge from say 50% and the figures get better when you recharge from greater than this.

    Take a look at this thread and then use the link at the end for more technical information on Lithium batteries. The same principles apply.

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